Far Infrared for your home

A newer, cleaner, efficient and aesthetically pleasing heating solution. Goes hand in hand with Solar PV.

Pay Less For Energy

Far Infrared heating is a completely safe, invisible form of energy that produces heat when the far infrared rays touch the surface of a solid object. Far infrared rays warm the surfaces of walls, ceilings, floors and furniture, which then all become radiators, radiating heat evenly across the entire room/space. With our three ranges of Crystal, Stone and Mirror you can transform your home it to a much more efficient space and aesthetically pleasing room or space. With our crystal range you can customise the frame and glass colour to any colour you want. You can start with a room individually or a full house install.

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Why Far Infrared for your home

  • FIR Heating is recommended for any home.
  • Plugs straight into your power socket.
  • Choice of colours.
  • Electric sourced heating NOT electric heating.
  • Choose from the crystal, stone or mirror range.
  • Manage and monitor individual spaces.
  • High (ROI) when compared to traditional heating.
  • 25 year life line on the heating panels.
  • Can replace radiators.
  • NO maintenance required.


Why GU is most preferred

From the offset we set out reducing costs for all our customers, it was a question of being in control of your own energy … encapsulating our ideology of bringing … power to your pocket. We give concise and customised information for individual customers. You may be a family of 4 and couple or a business with 50 plus employees – we advise on the best solution on renewables, heating and energy saving. Installing since 2010, we will be celebrating our 5 year birthday next year … experiences define a person, a company a generation. We have installed various technologies on 1000s of home and 100s of small to large business. We love our re-visiting customers who share the same ideology as us which is bringing power to your pocket. The average family spend £ 2000 Plus a year on Electricity, Gas and Water – we want to reduce this to the minimum … with the right advice, some help with Green Utilities finance and a small deposit this is possible now … don’t just think about it, contact Green Utilities and discuss your options, your thoughts and plans for the future of your energy and efficiency of your home.

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