What does it mean to be Green? In theory we all want to be Green, Self-sufficient and use renewable sources of energy. In practice this is cost intensive and harder to instil this in the hearts and minds of individuals, businesses and organisation.

Our philosophy start with our slogan "power to your pocket". If it doesn't make sense in your pocket then it's not worth doing. At Green utilities we only advertise and sell products that will allow our customers to be a little more greener as we move towards a Greener, self-sufficient and more economical way of living.

We have been blessed with natural renewable sources from the Sun, Wind and natural products that grow around us wherever we live. We have always looking for technologies that can harness this unlimited supply of energy into everyday products for the domestic, commercial and utility markets. Technologies are always improving and changing but we advise and sell technologies which are future proof and make sense financially.

Our objective is not simply to sell you products, but to educate you and change the mind set of living a greener and more economical way of living.

Our Mission
It declares our purpose as and company and our future plans.
To bring renewables within homes and business
To educate our clients in thinking more and Green and more economically
To provide in partial advice and good customer service

Our vision
This serves as the framework and guides our ambition to become the go to place for Renewables, Heating and energy saving.
People: Be a catalyst in the making decisions making process for our customers
Portfolio: bring new and exciting technologies to the average consumer and business sector
Partners: Nature a forward thinking network of customers, Green installers and Green partners
Planet: be a responsible organisation that makes a difference by helping create, build and support sustainable way of living
Profit: Find a balance in investment and return, while being mindful of overall responsibilities.

Stop & Think
We are a business hence we do need to make a profit, however we only sell products which make sense financially, environmentally and help moving towards a self-sufficient sustainable way of living.
Our final point we want you to "Stop & Think" and "Go Green"