Among the running costs for swimming pools, energy ranks pretty high. For an indoor municipal swimming pool, water heating makes up around 25% of the energy use, for an outdoor pool without space heating or lighting requirements, water heating rises to 65% of the total. So it will come as no surprise that more and more pool owners and facility managers are considering investing in solar water heating as a way of reducing their environmental impact and cutting energy bills at the same time.

What is Biomass heating?

Biomass Heating

Biomass heating is the burning of organic material, usually wood, (logs, wood-chip or wood pellets), to provide heating and/or hot water.

This fuel can be burned in stoves, cookers, and boilers to heat single rooms,…
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How GU Can help you with solar panels

Increase Awareness - develop case studies with businesses that have benefitted from the scheme and work with the trade associations to disseminate the case studies to other potential customers. Streamline the application process – one of the most common problems with applications has apparently been the quality of the schematic drawings showing the location of heat meters. OFGEM could develop standard schematic layouts, which applicants could select from, rather than commissioning their own drawings. OFGEM could develop standard schematic layouts, which applicants could.

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