About GU

Green Utilities has a simple goal, to bring "power to your pocket", we truly believe in this and have helped home owners, business and quasi government institutions in the UK and beyond truly achieve this.

We take an educational role and help assess and analyse the right solution for our customers. It could be the single mum, the family of five, SME or a large corporation, with each customer there is one simple goal … reduce costs by creating efficiency and ultimately your own energy.

We have developed from a small company back in 2010 and now have partners in the UK, Europe, Middle East, India and the Far East. We currently have a network of accredited installers in various technologies across the UK that can cater to all our customer's needs. They are trained, monitored and share the same belief of bringing power to your pocket.

Our company is focused on creating a truly green and ethical approach; as well as being a forward thinking company that works with domestic, commercial and utility scale projects. We work with Charities, educational institutions and we are working on our Green Communities initiative.

Our expertise lies in Renewable, Heating and Energy Saving. Solar PV and Solar Thermal are our main products along with Infrared Heating. Our Network of installers and Partners can provide a detailed report on various technology over the phone with our state of the art IT platform. If we need to visit you we take pride in our service and ensure you speak to someone who knows what they are talking about.

We truly believe that if the last century was all about "OIL" the next century will be about "Green" utilities, meaning energy sources using renewable technologies.